Plastic 2 Sections Air Tight Transparent Food Grain Cereal Storage Container (2000ml) (With Box)


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Plastic 2 Sections Air Tight Transparent Food Grain Cereal Storage Container (2 ltr)

2 plastic partition container is made from 100% food-grade PP plastic which is BPA-free. This airtight container is designed to be odour-free, thus keeping the aroma and taste of your stored items intact. You can store a variety of foods ranging from cereals, spices, dry fruits, pulses to salt, sugar, snacks etc. The structure of the containers also features a clear cylindrical design, helping you to maintain a firmer grip when pouring out contents for serving or cooking. Storing and cleaning these jars also becomes easy because of their wide neck size. It is also available in different attractive colours. Sliding Double Lids These containers have sliding lids for selecting the particular product without the mess. Simply slide the inner lid to select the particular content Airtight With Silicon Sealed Lids These containers have double lids to keep the container airtight. The outer lid has a silicon seal to ensure the freshness of food items inside the container.

Product Features

Compact :
it is designed to store 2 different dry foods in one jar, you can keep cereals and snacks in each chamber. Jar with 2 sections. Keep 2 types of food in the same jar without mixing.

Airtight Seal :
Container comes with an airtight lid to keep your food fresh all the time. The flip tops also open easily for convenient mess-free access!

Material :
Made of food-grade and BPA-free PP and PE materials, this cereal container is odourless, and will keep your food’s taste unchanged. We care about your safety!

Volume inner :
The shatterproof and transparent cereal container lets you see the contents easily. Never run out of cereal or snack anymore as you’ll know when you’re running out of them!

Grab your now :
Container surely is the space saving solution for you! It is also dishwasher safe (top rack)! Order now and worry no more about storing all of your foods!

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