Hot N Fresh Insulated Plastic Casserole Gift Set (3 Pieces)


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Hot N Fresh Insulated Plastic Casserole Gift Set (3 Pieces)

Eating hot and fresh food is everyones desire and this casserole with a interior and plastic outer body retains heat effectively for long periods of time. Now eat a hot and healthy lunch or dinner even on your busy days, or carry them safely for a day out. The functional yet stylish design also ensures that you can use it as a beautiful serve-ware on your dinner table. It can also be an ideal companion for your travels and comes with a functional lid which fits snugly, keeps food airtight, and can be easily removed.

Product Features

Double-Walled Insulation

Each casserole in this set is designed to keep your food hot for long durations. The double walled insulation system of the casseroles lets your family enjoy a fresh and tasty meal hours after you have prepared it.

Stylish & Attractive

The Casseroles come in solid colour in a round shape. Its classic shape and colour is eye catchy and extremely fashionable. It sports a dual colour which sets it apart from the other casseroles. The Casserole set is ideal sustain ones own needs as well as is a suitable gift for wedding, housewarming or any festival occasion

3-Piece Set

This assorted set of insulated casseroles constitutes set of 3. One can use the larger units to store rice or bread items, while the smaller casseroles are ideal for keeping your gravies steaming for hours.

Functional Lid

Each casserole comes with a functional and leak-proof lid which offers a snug fit to trap the heat effectively inside. The lid also comes with an easy grip system and can be opened or shut with a simple motion.

Attractive Dual-Tone Finish

This set of casseroles comes with an elegantly designed exterior which features a dual-tone outer finish combined with attractive graphics. It makes an ideal gift for any occasion.

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