2 in 1 Plastic Lemon Squeezer


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Kitchen Plastic Lemon Squeezer with Bottle Opener

It is made of unbreakable ABS body with opener stainless steel body. This is perfect for squeezing citrus juice and opens bottles easily and It Is Easy To Use And Maintain.It Comes With An Added Advantage Of Opener At The Top. One Tool And Two Uses.

Lemon Sqeezer that is known for extracting maximum lemon Juice. This squzeer comes with BOTTLE OPNER and FOLDING KNIFE.
Squeeze the Whole Goodness of Lemon: Lemons are a very good source of Vitamin C which is helpful in growth and repair of body tissue.
It is also an anti-oxidant that helps you build your immunity and ward off colds and other general infections.
Get the full goodness of lemons with this lemon squeezer. It helps you to squash the lemon and get all the juice out of it in one go, without wasting any of it. The sturdy design.
Makes it easy to use while being highly useful. It is designed to fit into your hand with ease. It is also very easy to clean and maintain.



Product Type: Plastic Lemon Squeezer
Color: Assorted
Pattern: Plain
Type: Vegetable Tool
Material: Plastic
Set Content: Set of 1
Product Dimension: 21 cm x 6 cm x 5 cm

Weight 0.136 kg


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